Bayesian Markets

OTC Trading

We offer a white-glove, private OTC trading service that leverages smart, proprietary trading algorithms. We have access to deep pools of global liquidity to ensure minimal market impact regardless of trade size

Lack of liquidity

Some exchanges have low liquidity in their order books for the trading pairs that you own. Our OTC broker is able to trade large orders across multiple exchanges.

Price protection

When trading large volumes it is very easy to influence the price of a trading pair, ultimately this costs you money. Our smart trading algorithms analyze when we can trade to minimize the impact on the market and your overall net asset price.

Fiat on-ramping is time-consuming

It is hard to get money into exchanges and most times even harder to get money out. A lot of exchanges still do not have strong, reliable fiat onramps. We take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Avoid price ‘slippage’

Markets are moving fast 24/7, and it is easy to get caught in the price slippage trap, especially on less liquid digital assets. Our smart algorithms evaluate slippage before any trades are executed to ensure you are protected.

Trading volume limits

When you see an opportunity, you want to take advantage of that and sometimes that means making large volume trades. Most exchanges have restrictions on the volumes you can trade unless you have a prior relationship with them. Once you become a Bayesian Markets customer, there are no limits to the volumes we can trade, onramp or offramp.

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