Bayesian Markets

Liquidity Provision

We use a set of intelligent cross-market algorithms to provide guaranteed, real-time price quotes for merchant providers and retail aggregators via a simple-to-use API. Our API is fully documented and easy to integrate with. You can connect to our API behind the scenes and have access to instant digital asset liquidity.

We provide wholesale liquidity to regulated digital asset on/off ramps to facilitate its use and broad adoption. By harnessing our intelligent trading algorithms, we can offer guaranteed, real-time price quotes for our customers via API.

Via our API our customers can:

  • Monitor their accounts
  • Buy digital assets
  • Sell digital assets
  • Get real-time time-guaranteed quotes
  • Check whether there is an arbitrage opportunity

Bayesian Markets only transacts in decentralized digital assets. We do not quote or trade digital assets that are anonymous or those that have been determined to be securities.

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